Commercial, Contractual and General Litigation

Comprehensive and Effective Solutions for Commercial, Contractual and General Litigation

Most clients want to see a solution instead of the inside of a courtroom. They want to have their dispute resolved as soon as possible so they can get back to their routine.

At Kingsgate Legal, we share the same goals as our clients. Based in Edmonton Alberta, we utilize our team’s diverse legal experience to deliver solutions faster, develop strategies earlier, and pursue resolutions through alternative dispute resolutions techniques.

A Proactive Approach To Dispute Resolution

Not every matter should be settled in a courtroom. Some matters are better suited for solutions negotiated by the parties themselves, instead of relying on the unpredictability of a judge.

Our goal is to provide solutions for our clients that help them arrive at resolutions earlier in the proceedings. We have the experience, training, and practical skills to help clients achieve early, efficient, and effective resolutions.

Often, having negotiations facilitated by a mediator is the best way to resolve a dispute. Kingsgate lawyers have extensive experience as both mediators and mediation counsel. We use this unique combination of experience and skills to help ensure an effective mediation process that results in success for our clients.

Diverse Trial Experience

If negotiations do not protect our clients’ needs, rights or interests, we transform those negotiations into solid legal positions we can defend in front of a judge.

We offer effective legal representation on a variety of issues for private individuals, businesses, and other organizations, including:

Putting The Client First

This is why our team of lawyers came together to create Kingsgate Legal. Some of the best legal minds in Alberta wanted a better way to provide solutions to their clients.

The answer was leveraging the experience of a small firm setting – where we can place our focus directly on our clients. We make sure we inform our client of the process, risks involved, costs and timing specific to their legal matter.

Creating A Positive Legal Experience For The Duration Of Your Matter

As we build the case for our clients, our team makes sure we provide constant updates on changes to their matter. We inform them of the strategies best suited for their goals, the likelihood of the outcomes, and then guide them through the course they choose to pursue.

We know it is important to implement early and cost-effective solutions whenever possible.

Modern litigation can be complex and involve a multitude of issues and information. Fighting over unimportant issues and combing through records unnecessarily add costs and delay, and not what clients want. Clients expect their lawyers to be innovative, efficient, and effective. At Kingsgate Legal, we focus on the important issues, cases are staffed appropriately, and we leverage industry-specific legal software to reduce time and expenses and locate exactly what we need to build their case.

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