Commercial Host and Occupier Liability

Legal Services for Host and Occupier Liability Claims

No one can predict what accidents or damages may occur when a business opens its doors to the public. As a result, any potential injuries, faulty structures, or even the effects of weather conditions, can be the basis of commencing a claim to insurers.

At Kingsgate Legal, our clients can expect a comprehensive analysis of how accountable a business may be for any compensation claims. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, our team provides effective defences for insurance companies against claims of negligence, the insufficient duty of care and exposure to risks.

Assessing the Insurance Claim

Our goal is to protect our clients’ interests and help them negotiate effective resolutions with the injured or damaged parties. The amounts of compensation pursued can be staggering, and some of the claims may not be valid.

We want our clients to know we can craft an effective legal strategy designed specifically for their situation. Insurers receive the benefit of the combined knowledge of our insurance defence lawyers to:

  • Identify the strength of the claim
  • Determine the data necessary to support our client’s position
  • Negotiate a fair solution in line with their insurance policy

Develop a Solution That Works for You

Contact Kingsgate Legal and find out what your legal options are to settle a claim for occupier’s liability. Call 1-877-252-6977 or set-up a meeting using our online contact form.

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