Fire and Property Damage

Navigating You Through Fire and Property Damage Claims

Pipelines and processing facilities can have failures, fires can start, and roofs can cave in. Incidents can happen to a property at any time. When these situations occur, it’s essential for property owners to understand what they may be liable for, and identify any other parties that may be involved. For insurers, it’s important to understand what damages or injuries they cover, and how compensation may be applied.

At Kingsgate Legal, we offer legal advice to property owners and insurers to resolve property damage claims. Based in Alberta, we understand the local industries and markets, and know our clients’ primary concern is making sure the assessment of the damage is properly valued, and adequate financial resources are provided.

Assessing the Damage

At Kingsgate Legal, our lawyers come from a variety of backgrounds. We understand the science and technical aspects of property damage and consult with a network of experts to further analyze more complex situations.

Understanding Both Sides of the Argument

Our previous experience representing both sides of claims arising from property damage allows us to quickly identify solutions that make sense for both parties, allowing them to resolve the issue and move forward.

We aim to get our clients away from a “win-lose” mindset and focus on an effective and efficient early resolution, often by negotiating a solution that provides adequate compensation for the property damage sustained.

Get Legal Advice Suited to Your Needs

Find out how our lawyers can help you pursue your position on fire and property damage cases. Call us at 1-877-252-6977 or schedule a meeting using our online contact form.

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