Workplace Investigations, Culture Assessments, and Ethics Policy Frameworks

Legal Solutions for Workplace Investigations, Culture Assessments, and Ethics Policy Frameworks

Employers are responsible for providing a harassment and violence free workplace, and to uphold high standards in areas such as ethics and code of conduct. We assist clients with designing workplace policies and programs that are responsive and defensible.

When workplace complaints or concerns arise, it is critical to have a proper workplace investigation process that is fair, timely and thorough. At Kingsgate Legal, we have lawyers with years of workplace investigation experience and training. We conduct independent workplace investigations arising from harassment or violence complaints, code of conduct complaints, toxic workplace allegations, and many other workplace issues.

We provide whistleblower and hot-line services to our clients so that complaints come to us first. This ensures confidentiality, independence, and oversight of those complaints.

We also offer advice and legal services to businesses on creating effective workplace policies and programs on such issues as harassment, violence, and code of conduct. We work with businesses and organizations throughout Alberta and western Canada. Our goal is to provide the guidance your business needs to:

  • Anticipate potential workplace issues
  • Develop concrete strategies to manage issues when they arise
  • Help protect against future liability

In addition to providing policy drafting and investigation services, we also offer code of conduct and ethics consultations, evaluating best practices and keeping up-to-date with current legislation.

Access Big-Firm Experience In A Small-Firm Setting

Our lawyers come from large law firms but saw the need for businesses to access high-quality legal advice in a more nimble, cost-effective and personalized setting. That’s why we have brought together our big-firm experience in a small firm setting. When clients work with our firm, they receive comprehensive legal support customized to match each their individual needs and goals.

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