Kingsgate Legal is a top-notch firm. They pay attention to providing me with practical and timely advice to achieve my goals. They are responsive and knowledgeable in their practice areas. I have no hesitation in recommending this firm and its lawyers.

When requiring legal assistance, having complete faith in the team on your side of the table is absolutely essential. Kingsgate exemplifies excellence, with an attention to detail that is matched only by the attention paid to clients' needs.

The calm confidence the Kingsgate team exudes is a clear indication that every possible path and ultimate outcome have not only been considered, but fully vetted for merit and value.

Working with Joe and witnessing the integrity, respect, and forthright nature he brings to every interaction has been truly heartening; the value of working with such a high-calibre individual is immeasurable.

When I think about Jamie and Joe, I see caring, compassionate humans with the credentials and experience to go up against the best in the industry.

Kingsgate Legal and specifically Jamie Pytel recently provided me with support on a significant employment issue. Jamie's depth of knowledge and experience with employment issues and litigation in general as well as her exceptional interpersonal skills and professionalism very quickly made her a trusted and valuable resource for me. I was very pleased with the results. I strongly recommend the services of Kingsgate Legal.

Jamie is a practical, problem-solver with a depth and breadth of both work and life experience that is truly impressive.

It was easy to see why Jamie came highly recommended after working with her on my employment issue. I feel things went as smoothly as they did with a great outcome because of her practical and strategic approach, and ability to identify and resolve the issues amicably between me and my employer. Jamie is down to earth, and truly provides expert service!

Amir sets the bar for exceptional lawyers from which I measure all other lawyers due to his commitment to quality, efficiency and customer service. Working with Amir is not only a pleasure, but his communication skills are unparalleled. Such as it is, he comes highly recommended.

Amir is expedient and willing to be as effective as possible. He becomes a team member and gives advice with exceptional quality.