Professional Liability and Disciplinary Proceedings

Navigating You through Professional Liability and Disciplinary Claims

It could signal the end of a career if the actions of regulated professionals — such as lawyers, architects, engineers, accountants, or medical practitioners — are called into question. Even allegations can have a detrimental effect from which it may be difficult to recover. Resulting consequences could affect future employment, lifestyle, and the ability to provide for dependants.

At Kingsgate Legal, we understand the importance of reputation to our clients. We help clients diffuse allegations and help steer resolutions towards helping our clients retain their integrity after the matter is resolved. We develop defences against allegations ranging from:

A Proactive Approach To Crafting Defences

We make sure we understand your needs and goals right from our first consultation. We want you to walk away from that discussion with a solid understanding of what legal strategies we can provide for your situation.

We help you avoid additional expenses and delays by proactively seeking early resolution. We combine the skills and experience of some of the best legal minds across Alberta under one roof to deliver innovative resolution that protects our clients.

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