Shareholder Disputes

Solutions for Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes can arise regarding operational, procedural, or administrative aspects of a corporation. Shareholders may not be completely aware of the legal recourses at their disposal to safeguard their rights.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Kingsgate Legal brings together some of the most experienced corporate and litigation lawyers from across Alberta under one roof. We leverage this experience through our small-firm setting to provide personal and customized solutions that protect our clients’ needs and pursue their goals.

Skilled Negotiation Techniques

The issues disputed may be further complicated when the parties have close-ties, long-standing relationships or familial relations. We aim to help alleviate this stress by focusing on the legal issues at hand. We utilize skilled negotiation techniques aimed at resolving disputes with as little disruption to business operation as possible, including:

  • Shareholder oppression
  • Buyouts
  • Valuating shares
  • Fraud and theft
  • Breach of duties
  • Disputes over operations

We determine the strength of our client’s position, identifying what outcomes are possible and what outcomes are not likely. We develop a strategy aimed at achieving our client’s goals or getting them as close as possible to an ideal resolution.

Full Range of Conflict Resolution Methods at Your Disposal

While we know some clients may appreciate a strong legal fight within a courtroom, we understand that what they really want to see is implemental solutions to their issues as soon as possible.

We approach the disputed issues early through alternative dispute resolution techniques in order to settle the matter early through the participation of the involved parties. If negotiations or mediations breakdown, we will transform our tactics into solid legal arguments that support your position and pursue the outcomes you want to see.

Learn More About Resolving Shareholder Disputes

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