Major Insurance Claims and Coverage

Legal Guidance for Major Insurance Claims and Coverage

If a major, catastrophic accident or structural damage occurs on a property, it’s very likely the architects, designers, builders, engineers, consultants, and contractors can be pulled into a legal proceeding.

At Kingsgate Legal, we represent business owners, professionals, developers, and contractors involved in insurance claims for accidents and damages throughout western Canada. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we also provide defensive legal services for professional liability insurers who represent these individuals. Our firm offers solutions with a higher chance of success because we know the goals of both sides.

Guiding Clients Through Insurance Claims

For business owners and builders, we understand that they want to have insurance claims resolved as quickly as possible so they can focus on moving forward with their business. Our team can alleviate the stress of any legal proceedings by guiding our clients through the legal process. We aim to set reasonable expectations regarding costs, outcomes and liabilities for our clients early on so there are no surprises down the road.

Remedies for Insurance Companies

In addition to representing property owners, we also offer advice, guidance and legal representation for professional liability insurers. We help them determine the validity of the claim, dismiss unfounded allegations and consult with industry experts to calculate reasonable compensation amounts.

We deliver our big firm experience in a small-firm setting. We build a relationship with our clients that focus on the solutions they want to see. We apply skilled negotiation techniques developed over years of resolving insurance claims so we can quickly arrive at solutions tailored to our clients’ goals.

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