Cybersecurity Concerns? Consider a Cybersecurity Policy and Team

Today’s business landscape looks a lot different than it did a decade ago. Employees are encouraged to work remotely, major deals can be done without meeting face-to-face, and work-related technology can fit in your pocket.

While technological leaps can mean increased productivity and profit, it may also open the door to more sinister situations. For some businesses, the solution to staying safe could lie in a hacker’s hands.

Cybersecurity Incidents Affect Canadian Companies

According to a report from the federal government, 21 per cent of Canadian companies reported being impacted by a cybersecurity incident over the last year. Only 13 per cent of companies have a written policy in place to report these incidents and just 10 per cent of businesses affected by cybersecurity breaches reported them to the police.

Creating a Policy and Team

For most companies, a cyberattack could spell major disaster. So to address this serious concern, many companies have developed cybersecurity policies and dedicated teams to attempt to identify problems before they arise and to deal properly with any issues that do arise.

Stopping Cybersecurity Problems Before They Start

For businesses of all sizes, attempting to prevent cyberattacks before they occur and developing a playbook to assist with responding to an attack is a good idea. The federal government’s report indicates that a cybersecurity incident can result in lost productivity and revenue as well the expense of repairs or recovery. By trying to expose problems early on, the hope is that businesses can protect themselves from costly and complicated issues down the road.

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This certainly applies to keeping businesses safe from cybersecurity threats. While the notion of protecting a company from online attacks can seem daunting, rest assured that there is help available. A legal team with experience in cybersecurity matters can guide clients through ways to minimize exposure and liability and advise on best practices to mount a strong defense.

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