Business law matters: Negotiating a commercial lease

For those looking to rent commercial property in Alberta, getting a good deal could make the difference in growing a successful business. Rent payments often require a large chunk of a business’s budget, and working toward receiving the best possible deal is paramount. When it comes to business law matters, negotiating a commercial lease is not just a desire, but a requirement in many instances.

It helps to go into the negotiations with as thorough an understanding as possible of the budget and property requirements for the business. Too much space could end up costing money a company does not have, and too little could make the space less usable, which could prevent it from reaching its earning potential. Potential renters also need to understand that commercial property leases often include other charges on top of the base rent. Failing to account for them could be disastrous.

It may go without saying, but it may surprise some Alberta business owners to know that some people fail to thoroughly review and understand the lease they are to sign. This review is vital in order to determine whether the terms are acceptable. Once looked over carefully, a business owner can decide what terms require negotiation and which are acceptable. This could also highlight terms that would be available for compromise in order to receive something else.

Like other legal documents of its kind, a commercial lease acts as a contract that binds the property owner and the renter. When it comes to business law matters such as this, it would be greatly beneficial to understand not only the business terms, but the legal ones as well. Once all matters are understood, negotiated and agreed upon, the lease can be executed and the tenant can move into the property without facing unpleasant surprises.

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