Professional Body Complaint Investigations

Solid Legal Advice for Professional Body Complaints

Both federal and provincial laws provide specific rules on the conduct of regulated professionals. Transgressions can put accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, medical practitioners, and others at risk of liability, and possibly even their professional licensing.

At Kingsgate Legal, we have represented many professionals throughout Edmonton, Alberta. If you are facing investigation by your regulatory body, we can work to safeguard your reputation, and guide you from the investigation stage through to appeal, if necessary.

Guiding Clients Toward an Effective Resolution

When a complaint is filed over professional conduct, it can hurt their professional integrity. We work to resolve complaints effectively, and if possible, gain a complete dismissal. In some cases, we can dispose of the complaint during the investigation stage by working closely with expert regulators to determine any alleged misconduct.

Depending on the nature of the matter, we may be able to negotiate a settlement and resolve the issue as amicable as possible. If not, we will help you build your case and your position on the matter.

Customized Defences and Navigation for Each Client

If employees are facing professional disciplinary issues, understand that there are resources available to help them resolve issues raised against them by their professional governing bodies. We highlight these resources for our clients, demystify the process and provide the specific guidance and navigation best suited to their situation and industry.

We also act for individuals who are concerned their privacy has been breached. Knowing both sides of the argument allows us to help clients determine how strong their case is, and what legal actions they can pursue.

Receive Assistance from The Start

We can help you protect your rights from the start of the investigation process. Call Kingsgate Legal at 1-877-252-6977 or send us an email.

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