Mediation: An alternative to business litigation

Part of the success Alberta companies and organizations enjoy comes from relationships with other parties. For this reason, when disputes arise, litigation may not be the best first option since it could irreparably damage the working relationship built between them. Mediation could be a better alternative that could resolve the issue and preserve the relationship.

Other benefits of this process include lower costs, confidentiality and creative problem-solving. Since mediation is less formal than litigation, it can eliminate the adversarial aspect of a dispute, which is often where the relationship continues to break down. Disputes happen, but they do not have to create lasting animosity among the parties involved.

Since mediators remain neutral, they can help keep discussions on point by keeping the focus on finding a solution to the problem. Mediators may offer options the parties may not have considered on their own. Mediation also offers a time and place to openly discuss the issues and find a resolution that works for everyone involved. In addition, it keeps the parties out of the public eye, which helps them maintain their confidential information and reputations.

Mediators do not give the parties strategic or legal advice. More than likely, the parties will need some direction when it comes to getting the most benefit out of the mediation process, protecting their rights and resolving the dispute. For these reasons, it would be wise to consult with an Alberta business litigation lawyer who supports a client’s wish to find a resolution outside of the courtroom that satisfies the client’s objectives and protects their rights in the process.

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