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Technology and Information Technology Legal Services for Businesses

At Kingsgate Legal, our lawyers understand technology and information technology from both the provider and customer perspective. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, our knowledge of these industries allows us to effectively and efficiently assist clients ranging from local emerging companies to large public companies in procuring and licensing in technology.

Our clients benefit from the assurances that their interests are safeguarded in their contractual arrangements, including licensing, service, or software as a service arrangement. Our clients appreciate our ability to work within industry norms and standards, while finding creative solutions to issues that arise.

Technology providers of all sizes and stages seek our industry knowledge and customer perspectives to assist them in protecting their intellectual property and technology assets, while helping structure and create agreements for the exploitation of their technology.

Privacy, Licensing and Compliance Issues

Working specifically with technology and software start-ups and companies, our lawyers understand the intricacies of information technology laws and regulations, including:

  • Licensing
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Privacy concerns
  • Compliance with legislation and industry best practices

We also provide drafting, negotiating, and legal support and advice regarding issues such as non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, evaluation, and trial agreements, development and joint development agreement, IP assignments, services agreements, contractor and consulting agreements and employment agreements.

A Small Firm with a Powerhouse Of Experience

With their combined industry and in-house experience, skills, and techniques, our corporate commercial lawyers have navigated businesses, large and small, through almost every type of agreement, conflict and transaction.

This experience allows our team to predict how things are likely to turn out — whether it’s a transaction or a dispute — and we build a plan from that goal back to our starting point.

This allows us to outline the risks involved, costs, and timing— and if necessary, litigation strategy and resolution techniques — early on for our clients so there are few surprises during the process.

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