Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance and Succession Planning

Businesses struggling with developing their leadership structure and deciding who should fill what role are dealing with matters of corporate governance. The major issues they need to decide upon are limitations of power, liability, and closing any vulnerabilities that could leave them open to legal action in the future.

At Kingsgate Legal, our team can safeguard the interests of our clients by providing legal advice on issues of leadership and liability. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we aim to outline for clients the impact of any changes they implement, and how any corporate restructuring may affect the business.

Watchdogs For Corporations

Our services also include evaluating the corporate governance of a business. We review the roles, actions and duties of boards, committees and chairs, as well as charters and bylaws. We will provide legal guidance and develop solutions to make sure our clients are compliant with current legislation and best practices.

We will also highlight the risks involved with any changes or transitions within the company, and how to best manage any negative impacts.

Succession Planning

Many corporations provide limited authority and power to potential new owners of a business as they graduate into the role. This allows future leaders and in many cases next generation family members, a way to start leading the business, but also protecting them from risks and liabilities better managed by a senior leader.

We provide businesses with a corporate strategy for this transition that:

  • Outlines a clear timeline
  • Protects the business
  • Is compliant with securities and tax laws
  • Allows for some degree of control by senior leaders until the transition is complete

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